Loves picking things up, and putting them back down… efficiently

With an insatiable drive for adventure and pushing the limits, Elissa has jumped out of planes, leapt off bridges, and conquered black diamond Whistler slopes. These of course, pale in comparison to the risks taken when she forgets to return her mother’s phone calls.

Elissa’s fitness journey began after many years of directionless gym visits with little improvement in strength and physique. Upon stumbling into a powerlifting gym, she invested time training, researching, attending seminars, and seeking guidance from knowledgeable athletes. It wasn’t long before she found her passion.

Through her years of focused powerlifting, she has found balance with her body, mind and spirit through many modalities of fitness, including: yoga, running, barre, and HIIT. She’s completed a Niagara Ultra, an Adventure Race in Nevada, two full Around the Bay races, and earned a three-time gold medal placing in her weight class. She is a certified professional trainer specializing in strength and health. It is her personal mission to show others their own power and strength through the barbell. 

A true animal lover, you may even find her paw-fessional assistant Simon pop in to Revive for some mid-day motivation.